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“Bowdoin School Tenants Win a 20 Year Contract to Keep Their Building Affordable”

Bowdoin Victory Picture

Tenants from the Bowdoin School Apartments win a 20-year contract to keep their building affordable.

The historic 35 unit brick building, houses 26 low-income, Project Based Section 8 units, with 9 remaining market rate, sits on Beacon Hill in one of Boston’s most prestigious neighborhoods, where rent runs, for a 1 bedroom apartment, for $3,000 dollars a month.

In June, the Bowdoin School Tenants received notice stating that Wingate Companies intended on renewing the expiring, Project Based Section 8 contract on their building, but to their understanding, it had not been finalized.

Uncertainty left the tenants to worry about rent increases and tenant displacement.

On October 19, 2015, the Bowdoin School Tenant Association, (BSTA) met with Michael Martin, Vice President of Wingate Companies, to discuss the renewal of the expiring Section 8 contract, and to address a number of building repair improvements.

In the meeting the BSTA stated that their number one concern is to ensure the long term affordability of their community for future low-income families.  In response, Martin publicly pledged that Wingate will renew the expiring contract for 20 year.

This is a great Victory for the Bowdoin School Tenants!   Affordable and diverse Section 8 housing has been preserved for 20 years in Beacon Hill—one of Boston’s hottest rental markets!   Congratulations to the Bowdoin School Tenants Association and MAHT VISTA organizer Donna Jackson for this achievement.


DATE: Saturday, October 3, 2015

TIME: 9 AM – 2 PM

The event is part of a national effort to bring together local residents impacted by eviction, foreclosure, housing instability, displacement and gentrification.

The Right to Remain Assembly & Action will weave together a variety of housing, zoning, jobs, land, and transit policies that our communities are actively fighting for and will particularly focus on the struggle for a Just Cause Eviction law to protect Boston residents.

Hundreds will gather and direct testimony about the citywide displacement crisis toward city council candidates, who will be invited to attend the morning plenary. Grassroots activists will also plan strategies and tactics for passing Just Cause Eviction, breaking down by city council district, and will share a variety of organizing approaches to the displacement crisis through interactive and cultural activities. Topics will include inclusionary development policy, community land trusts and community control of public land, creation of neighborhood stabilization zones, and struggles for local hiring and community benefit standards.

Event Location

Vietnamese Amer. Community. Center (VACC)
42 Charles St, Dorchester, MA 02122
Near Fields Corner T-stop (Redline)
Boston, MA 02124

Register at

10.3.15 Assembly-Flyer-_-Eng