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Primary Day: MAHT works the polls for Question 5 and City Vouchers!

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Photos: Stalwart MAHTites Rob getting neighbor Carl’s signature at the polls at Symphony Plaza and Molly and friend at Georgetown polls in Hyde Park.

MAHT volunteers were out on primary day to spread the word on voting for the Community Preservation Act (CPA). It will be question 5 on city ballots November 8th. If it passes it means $20 million in additional city revenue for parks, preservation, and in these dire times, housing.

They also collected signatures to send to the Mayor (Check out MAHT wants Your John Hancock!). We are asking that the city use some of the CPA revenue to fund city funded housing vouchers, a program for which MAHT has been leading the way.

MAHTites worked the polls in the North End, Back Bay-Fenway, Roxbury, Roslindale, Southie, Hyde Park and Allston-Brighton. Thanks go out to Ronda, Molly, Damainique, Mary, Ellie, Rob, Connie, Clifton, Julia, and Gleena for their efforts.

If you want to help out and make some great new friends, give MAHT a call.

Protesters for affordable housing march in Pittsburgh

Source: Protesters for affordable housing march in Pittsburgh

Sept 22nd: Renters Day of Action! Then, Dinner and a Show!

renters-day-of-action-1-page-001This Thursday, September 22, MAHT will be taking part in the National Renters Day of Action.

Right to the City Boston and Right 2 Remain ally partners will join together in a mass creative action to uplift our common demands for the right to remain, enacting a just cause for eviction ordinance and public land for public good.

4:00pm: Kick-Off Rally- Greater Boston Real Estate Board, One Center Plaza (across from Gov. Center Station)
Speakers: Right to the City Boston #JustCause4Eviction

4:20pm: Call to Action – Boston Redevelopment Authority, City Hall Plaza
Speakers: Keep It 100% for Egleston, Reclaim Roxbury #Right2Remain

4:30pm: March and Protest – Millenium Place Downtown Crossing
Speakers: Mass Alliance of HUD Tenants, Boston Homeless Solidarity Committee #StopCorporateGreed

5:00pm: Reclaim R City Rally – Parcel 26, Chinatown (Albany @Kneeland St)
Speakers: Chinese Progressive Association, Boston Tenant Coalition, etc #PublicLand4PublicGood

6:00pm: Dinner Theater – Rent Relief 4 Boston Not GE – Necco Court, S. Boston (just over Summer St Bridge)

After the march we’ll be taking a short walk over the Summer St Bridge for FREE FOOD and a fun play about our government’s misplaced priorities: GE is getting FREE RENT and $150 million in tax breaks to move to their headquarters to Boston!

See how you can join us. Check it out on facebook.” Followed by dinner and a show, Theater and Rent Relief.

Share and spread the word.

MAHT wants YOUR John Hancock!


Citizens of Boston! Sign your John Hancock here.

Citizens of Boston, do want to help Boston’s homeless or people at risk of becoming homeless? MAHT wants your John Hancock!

Several years ago, as federal section 8 funding was facing devastating sequestration cuts, MAHT got mayoral candidate Marty Walsh to commit to city funded vouchers as an emergency alternative. Since then Walsh has been elected Mayor and Boston’s housing/homelessness crisis has gotten worse. Rents are going higher than the Space Shuttle, and low income units to rent are practically non-existent. Plus, there are more homeless Bostonians than ever and more than 4000 homeless kids in Boston Public Schools. Yikes!

MAHT has continued to organize a coalition of groups and city council members to support a city funded voucher program to help alleviate the crisis. Last June, we all met with the Mayor on the voucher plan. The Mayor said he would consider it if the city could come up with a stable source of revenue. This is where you come in.

Should question 5, the Community Preservation Act (CPA), pass on election day the city can then collect about $20 million in new revenue. So YOUR Yes vote is needed. According to the CPA, that money can be earmarked for housing. Our little postcard to the Mayor asks the city to set aside some of it for a city funded voucher program. As a start-up program, $5 million will help 400 homeless Bostonians get housing! So in addition to your vote, we need that John Hancock of yours on a postcard to the Mayor.

So, you may see us around town. Be it on a street corner, at the T, your polling place, or our volunteers may knock on your door. So Citizen Bostonian, please sign!

This Saturday, MAHT will be training tenant leaders from member groups to educate their communities about the CPA and collect postcards addressed to the Mayor encouraging his support for a City funded voucher program. We will be canvassing again soon so let us know if you wish to help.




Babcock Tenants: Save Our Homes!

Recently, MAHT mobilized tenants for a first meeting at Babcock Towers (that big high rise by BU). Not unlike other 13A mortgaged developments in the state, 200 families at Babcock are facing the street when their state 13A mortgage runs out. For Babcock Towers that will be in 2018.

There was a great turnout of Babcock Tower tenants. MAHT’s slide presentation, How the 13A Crisis Affects Tenants, was simultaneously translated into Chinese and Russian for the majority of the 100 tenants who came.


Yes on 5!

MAHT is also urging supporters to call the the Mayor and to sign our postcards to His Honor to ensure that Community Preservation Act (CPA) housing funds are targeted to 13A and other low income tenants facing displacement. MAHT recently canvassed Roxbury and covered the primary day polls to collect signatures and remind voters about the CPA, Question 5 on the Boston ballot come November. We will be canvassing again soon so let us know if you wish to help.


Comaven Apartments/Wingate Management Update

14224950_739310949542724_9075745122191498565_nMAHT organized tenants at Comaven Apartments in Brighton to meet with several officials from Wingate Management in August. Wingate committed to fight severe rodent infestation, replace aging carpets and Windows, and conduct annual apartment inspections, which have not occurred for several years. The meeting follows up an earlier meeting with management and surveys from more than half the 89 tenants. Wingate will report back to tenants in October. Stay tuned.

MAHT Joins Campaign to Pass the Community Preservation Act in Boston!

YesbbMAHT is mobilizing 6,000 HUD tenants this fall to vote for the Community Preservation Act (CPA), Question 5 on the November 8th ballot. If passed, the CPA will generate up to $20 million each year for affordable housing, open space and historic preservation. A small surcharge (1%) on Boston property tax bills would fund the program, with some exemptions for low income and senior homeowners.

MAHT is also advocating that CPA funds be targeted to people who need them the most–homeless people and low income renters being forced out of the City by skyrocketing rents. MAHT volunteers are collecting postcards to Mayor Walsh urging that CPA funds be used for a city-funded voucher program, and to support passage of Just Cause Eviction protections for Boston renters. HUD tenants are already protected by Just Cause:  if it works for us, it should work for everybody!

CPA MAHTMAHT is an active member of the Yes for a Better Boston Campaign, which is sponsoring the CPA referendum. We are looking for volunteers to canvass and cover the polls to remind voters to Vote Yes on Question 5. MAHT, with friends from the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, recently reached out to tenants at ROXSE homes, the Piano Craft Guild apartments, and Hampton House apartments. Contact MAHT if you want to get involved!