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MAHT Improv: Newcastle/Saranac Tenants Meet Outdooors

What do you do when more than 20 tenants show up at a MAHT meeting on the 13A mortgage crisis only to discover that the room you booked was not available? Well, you improvise. And if it is a pleasant Autumn day, why not head outdoors?

Earlier this Fall, MAHT was asked by our friends at MassHousing and CEDAC to alert the South End tenants at the Newcastle-Saranac Housing developments on Columbus Ave on their expiring Section 13A mortgage.

Like other 13A tenants, once the mortgage is paid off, tenants face displacement by huge rent hikes to market levels. Unlike HUD tenants, state 13A tenants are not eligible for federal Enhanced Vouchers to pay for rent increases. Although current state laws limit rent increases for 13A tenants for three years, after that more than 4,200 Massachusetts families will be out on the street unless tenants take action now!

In the fall courtyard meeting, MAHT let Newcastle/Saranac know about the timeline they face and what they as tenants can do.

MAHT has launched a statewide organizing drive to organize the 5,200 at-risk 13A tenants statewide into tenant unions to save their homes. To date, MAHT has organized tenants at Harbor Lofts in Lynn, and Mercantile Wharf, Burbank Gardens, Forbes Building, Babcock Towers, Newcastle/Saranac and more. Unite and fight to Save their Homes!



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