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Become a MAHT Member

How to Join

Voting membership is open to tenant groups of HUD assisted and/or insured multi-family housing that meet regularly and are democratic, representative, committed to permanently affordable housing and independent of non-resident owners or management agents.

If your group wants to join MAHT as a voting member, please fill out the Application Form and enclose it with a current list of your group’s board or steering committee and $25 for your membership dues (Membership includes automatic membership in the National Alliance of HUD Tenants).

Benefits of MAHT membership

1. A voice in and the collective strength of an area-wide and a national coalition of tenant groups working in unison to build tenant power.
2. Increased access to national and local government officials working on policy affecting HUD housing.
3. Staff support for your group.
4. Information, materials, and technical assistance on tenants’ right to organize.
5. Information, materials, and technical assistance regarding housing issues that affect HUD tenants (ex. HUD program and policy changes, budget issues)
6. Participation in membership training and planning meetings, regularly attended by 30-40 tenant leaders.
7. Shared information and experiences of other member groups.
8. Automatic voting membership in the National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT), a national coalition of HUD tenant groups.
9. Opportunity to attend annual NAHT Conference in Washington DC.
10. MAHT and NAHT newsletters and mailings.


  1. Village Tenant Association 99 Kent Street #112, Brookline, MA 02445. New address for newsletters and information.


  2. Tina Robare says:

    We are currently forming a Tenants Association and have some questions. We wish to also become non-profit and able to apply for grants and donations, how would we go about doing that? Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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